How Sales Gamification is Impacting the Real Estate Industry

Learn how real estate agencies are empowering their agents and improving performance on key business metrics through the use of gamification and data visualization.

How Sales Gamification is Impacting the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is notoriously competitive–and with agents working remotely, it's understandable to feel disconnected from each other and the company as a whole. Unfortunately, this can lead to poor company culture and lower employee engagement.

With sales gamification, you create visibility and transparency amongst co-workers, employee morale and teamwork skyrocket, and, in turn, you become an attractive employer that all brokers want to work for.

Improving visibility and data quality

Many real estate agencies reported issues with data entry/quality, and agents struggled to see their impact within their organization. However, when using sales motivation software, real estate managers notice better data quality and have a better handle on where their agents are, anytime a day.

"It's not so motivating to look at only my numbers. I want to see how everyone is doing and how I am measuring up to colleagues. That is fun. That allows me to grow, challenge myself and feel like I'm really contributing to our success." – Mads Kirkeslett, Real Estate Agent, Proaktiv

Agents also gain a more holistic perspective on how they are performing, and they can see how their results directly impact the company.

Building team spirit

"People want to feel like a part of something important. When the company name is continuously branded in front of them in the hallways and on screens, you feel like part of something more. You feel a pride and team spirit that comes through in every aspect of your work. It results in better performance, tighter connections with colleagues and stronger culture." – Mads Kirkeslett, Real Estate Agent, Proaktiv

Since real estate agents are frequently outside the office, teamwork and company culture often suffer as a result. Sales motivation software helps bring colleagues together and promotes collaboration. In addition, since information is easily accessible and shareable, agents are encouraged to work together more and celebrate achievements together.

For example, when a broker books a meeting with a potential client, it will show on TV screens throughout the office(s). This transparency gives co-workers insight into potential deals, which opens opportunities for support in the deal cycle. For instance, they may be able to provide valuable and relevant information that may help to price the property most accurately and increase the client's overall satisfaction. Win–win–win!

Setting your organization apart

'15% of real estate agents say cutting-edge technology is the best way to distinguish yourself as an agent."

Aspects of sales motivation software, such as leaderboards and gamification, will help to differentiate your agency from others. Leaderboards highlight performance and provide a clear overview of company data–prospects, meetings, sales, etc. When people have more awareness and know how they perform, they can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly. They will also learn how others in the organization are performing, thus sparking friendly competition amongst colleagues and encouraging bigger and better sales.

Gamification makes it exciting for employees to compete with their colleagues while simultaneously driving performance on key targets. It combines recognition, rewards, fun, and competition to motivate and engage people. In fact, studies show that "90% of employees are more productive when using gamification."

Do motivation differently

Our mission at SalesScreen is to help build happier workplaces, which means increasing performance on key metrics, promoting good company culture, and improving employee engagement. We believe motivating your employees doesn't need to be a burden but a fun, intuitive, and engaging task.

When data is transparent, and achievements and milestones are celebrated together, you build a culture of trust and appreciation that inevitably results in happier workers and better sales performance.


Sales gamification is already making its mark in the business world, and real estate agencies that are embracing the concept are witnessing positive changes in their sales and brokers alike. In fact, Proaktiv, one of Norway's leading real estate agencies, achieved a 34% increase in revenue and a 21% increase in total sales while using SalesScreen to focus on key targets.

Check out their success story to learn more!

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