How to Build Office Culture with a Company Feed

Learn how the SalesScreen company feed can simplify employee recognition, increase transparency and help your organization to build a culture of appreciation.

How to Build Office Culture with a Company Feed

36% of employees say no recognition is top reason to quit.”

Employee recognition is a vital part of growing a successful business–it leads to lower turnover, higher engagement and an overall increase in productivity. And it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Simply acknowledging people’s hard work on a regular basis can go such a long way in boosting morale and establishing a culture of appreciation.

One such way to build office culture and give kudos is through a company feed. It is a simple, engaging way to keep your team updated on accomplishments and milestones, whether out in meetings or working from home. Meanwhile, likes and comments allow peers to give and receive positive feedback. And once you make a habit out of regular recognition between colleagues, it will inevitably lead to better company culture where people feel truly valued.

With the SalesScreen feed, it is easier than ever to celebrate each other’s achievements and keep everyone in the loop. So, now let’s take a look at several of the ways to build your company culture via the feed.

Comments and Likes

Whenever something shows up in the feed–a report is registered, an employee writes a message, a competition is announced, etc.–users have the option to comment or like. This is a fun and easy way for employees to engage with each other and show their support, whether they are in the same office or spread out across different locations. You can also comment and like on-the-go with the SalesScreen mobile app, so events worth celebrating don’t ever have to go unnoticed.

At SalesScreen, comments and likes on the feed are an important aspect of our company culture. Since we are located across several offices, it is a key way to keep everyone engaged with one another. For instance, when a sales rep in Oslo closes a big deal, our CEO in New York City can immediately like the post and comment, “way to go!” This instant feedback gives a motivation boost and lets people know that they are seen.

How to Build Office Culture with a Company Feed


In addition to engaging with posts via comments and likes, the feed is also a great tool for simply keeping everyone informed and increasing transparency. Say your manager started a new competition or two co-workers challenged each other to a battle, you will be sure to never miss a beat. With the feed, everything is out in the open and this lends itself to a more collaborative office environment where people are informed, recognition is abundant and job satisfaction is high.

How to Build Office Culture with a Company Feed

Employee recognition and organizational transparency are two essential aspects of a healthy company culture. Studies show that employees are more engaged when management is transparent and openly communicates company updates, strategies and goals. Meanwhile, organizations that give regular recognition experience 31% lower voluntary turnover.

A company feed is a means to integrate recognition and transparency into your daily work life and strive to create a collaborative office with a healthy company culture.

How to Build Office Culture with a Company Feed

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