How to Effectively Motivate Your Sales Teams

Motivation problem? Check out some useful tips for inspiring your sales teams, according to our Sales Manager, Kim Jakobsson.

How to Effectively Motivate Your Sales Teams

In addition to being well-versed in sales himself, Kim also chats with a variety of sales managers on a daily basis, so he regularly hears what the common pain points are–as well as what solutions are working for them.

So, we sat down with Kim to gain some insight about ways to effectively motivate your sales teams and to improve overall performance.

TV screen celebrations

41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction.”

Recognition is a huge part of cultivating a healthy, positive office culture for your team. Specifically, TV screen celebrations throughout your office create awareness and help to build a culture of appreciation that will lead to increased productivity and higher employee engagement.

Kim explains that “great salespeople are proud of what they do, and they want everyone to know that…and to celebrate in style when they close that big deal they have been working on for months gives them the little extra nudge to get it done….a fun environment is an active environment, so let’s make sales fun again!”

Sales competitions

Contests are a fun and effective way to improve productivity and add some excitement to daily work tasks. Kim says, “sales and competitions go hand-in-hand, and so often sales managers don’t utilize this partnership enough because it is so much work to set up and follow through. What if there was a system that could do that for them…hey wait, there is!”

With SalesScreen, you can easily set up and run contests within minutes–and sales results are automatically updated in real-time. “Many managers too often think that they need big prizes for their competitions, otherwise their reps will not bother with it. But like I said earlier, salespeople are so proud of what they do, so they will give that little extra effort to show off that they are the best–even if all they can win is a cup of coffee because with that comes the glory of being number 1–and that’s priceless.”

1-on-1 battles

In addition to sales competitions, SalesScreen allows you to run 1-on-1 battles between your sales reps. Individuals can challenge each other and set the stakes themselves (ex. the losing rep buys the winning rep lunch).

“Again, salespeople like to show off, and what feeling could be better than crushing a co-worker in a battle?”

How to Effectively Motivate Your Sales Teams

Kim’s top tips

“Motivation in sales is about having clearly defined goals, personal incentive, and feeling connected to your organization”.

If you want to motivate your salespeople, try this:

  1. Let them know they’re appreciated. Recognition should be public, fun, and should take place as often as possible. Celebrate your people and you’ll see the energy change.

  2. Increase friendly competition. Salespeople are competitive by nature… they’re burning for goals to chase after and the opportunity to prove themselves against peers.

  3. Everyone wants bragging rights. Make it possible for sales reps to compete against each other for lunch, Friday beer, or whatever they want to wager on and watch quota attainment skyrocket!

  4. ^ If you want to make all of these easier than ever before, reach out to me at and I’ll be happy to give you a quick product overview!

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