How to Use Gamification to Spice Up Your Holidays

'Tis the season to gamify your office


Marketing - December 10, 2018

During the holidays and the final stretch of Q4, it can be difficult to keep everyone energetic and motivated to hit end-of-year goals. People are often burnt out, overwhelmed and distracted by holiday plans. Gamification is a brilliant way to boost employee motivation, improve sales performance and promote a festive and fun holiday atmosphere in the office. Research even indicates that “90% of employees are more productive when they use gamification.”

So, here are some of our ideas for best utilizing gamification during the holidays.

Run a holiday-themed contest

A holiday-themed competition is a simple and effective way to encourage performance, while also bringing some holiday cheer into the office. Contests are great year-round–and tailoring one to the specific time of year provides a nice change of pace and makes it more relevant and exciting to participate.

Check out our winter sales contests blog or download the PDF for some festive ideas.

Offer rewards

In regards to contests, holiday-themed rewards as prizes is an additional way to encompass the holiday spirit and provide some extra incentive for your employees to perform well. It will also make them feel like it is worth their time to be involved in the contest, since they are getting something extra out of it–aside from recognition.

For some holiday reward ideas, check out this blog or watch the video 👇

25 Days of Sales Rewards from Dogu on Vimeo.

Gamify socialization

34% of employees don't think they get enough social interaction with colleagues.”

Gamification is inevitably competitive, but it can still be a great unifier–particularly with the use of team competitions. Running team contests encourages collaboration to work towards a common and clear goal, and also helps to improve general morale amongst colleagues. Studies show that “82% of employees highly value their colleague's input”, so why not promote teamwork and knowledge sharing via team-based competitions? How to Use Gamification to Spice Up Your Holidays

Pay it forward

Giving is certainly on the mind during the holiday season, so it’s a perfect time for an extra dose of generosity and good deeds in your organization. Try out a contest where the winner gets to select a charity to donate to. Or perhaps give out digital badges for volunteer activities.

Whatever suits your employees and companies best, there are many ways to pay it forward this time of year and provide some altruistic incentives for people. How to Use Gamification to Spice Up Your Holidays


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