Product Updates - March 2020

What’s new in SalesScreen? Check out all the latest features to make your workday better, no matter where your teams are.

Product Updates - March 2020

With the sudden shift to remote work for many companies around the world, we know that it's more important than ever to keep your teams connected, productive and engaged. SalesScreen is here to help.

We are excited to announce the following new features, that will help support you and your teams during these changes in your current working environments.

#1 - Endorse a Colleague 🙌

41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition have seen positive increases in customer satisfaction.”

We are excited to announce our new endorse a colleague feature. Users will be able to engage with each other by sending a personalized message—praising their latest achievement, for example. Additionally, if you use rewards, users will be able to send coins as a gift to a coworker.

Note: to endorse a colleague, either hover over their profile in the feed and click 'endorse' or go to their profile and click the 'endorse' button on the bottom right

Product Updates - March 2020

#2 - Birthday/New Colleague Announcements 🥳

Users will have the option to add their birthday to their profile. When their day comes around, it will automatically come up on the screen and in the feed. Also, when a new user logs in for the first time, it will be announced in the feed and on TV screens so that everyone can welcome their new coworker.

Product Updates - March 2020

#3 - Competition Summaries 🏆

You now have the option to receive email summaries whenever a competition ends. This will provide valuable insights for running future competitions and highlight the effect it had on your teams.

Product Updates - March 2020

#4 - New Event Layouts ✨

As a part of our ongoing effort to offer more layouts that appeal to all types of organizations, we have added 2 new event layouts. First is the YouTube layout, where you have the option to set a YouTube video as the background when an Event is triggered.

Product Updates - March 2020

Second is the background image layout, where you can upload your own image to show when an Event is triggered.

Product Updates - March 2020

Stay safe—stay productive! – Team SalesScreen

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