Real-time Performance Management

Use real time performance management software to keep track of important metrics and KPIs for your business teams. Use SalesScreen to boost performance and make every day on the job exciting.

Rudy Van Duijvenvoorde

Regional Director Netherlands - March 14, 2019

Since its launch in 2014, our software has helped many managers to encourage their sales employees to reach business goals and exceed themselves while having fun.

Real-time performance management made easy

SalesScreen makes real-time performance management of your sales team easy. The company feed web dashboard shows all the recent activity within your company and allows you to comment and provide feedback. You can integrate your CRM and keep track of all the metrics that matter to your company and even generate reports. Do you wish to visualize the performance progress of your sales team? We made it easy! Just use one of our many templates and adapt them to your requirements.

Boost your sales with the SalesScreen software

Real-time performance management is important, but it doesn't have to be boring. At SalesScreen we believe that an enthusiastic team with close bonds of friendship is a team that works harder. That is why our software uses gamification to boost performance and encourage friendly competition between teams and individuals. To reward their good performance, you can even add a company web shop where employees can unlock many gifts and goodies. These are just some elements we offer with our real-time performance management.

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