Sales Managers 101: Easy Wins For Happy Employees

Our mission is to make the work part of your life easier—and a lot more fun!

Sales Managers 101: Easy Wins For Happy Employees

I get it, you’re busy. With work, with life, with trying to keep kids from interrupting your zoom meetings (or at least I am). Our mission at SalesScreen is to make the work part of your life easier—and a lot more fun! In an effort to help spread the love, I put together some easily implementable tips and tricks to get your team motivated to do the mundane, celebrate their success and 100 percent committment to the game.

Endorsements: What’s better than a manager publicly praising a team member for a job well done? Recognizing your employees who go above and beyond, and rewarding them for doing so is key to keeping morale high and employees happy. There's no need to wait until a competition is won. Once a target is met or achievement is earned, celebrate your team! 

Easy wins:

  • Attend a meeting where an employee owned the room and made an impact? Call it out!
  • See an employee taking time to mentor someone else without you having to ask? Recognize it!
  • Notice an employee struggling to land a deal but won’t quit and is seeking advice and insights? Acknowledge their tenacity and drive, it is what pushes them to power through!

Competitions: KISS—keep it simple, stupid! At least to start, don’t create a competition that takes them the length of the competition to understand what they are competing on. Don’t start with a quarter long competition that they’ll lose sight of on the fifth day.

Easy wins:

  • Make the first competition relatively easy to achieve, then raise the bar slightly the next week.
  • Run a 1-day competition. Our stats show this will increase the average change in activity by 54 percent vs. a longer competition.
  • Up the ante by offering up rewards for the top three winners, this incentivizes even more of your team because theres more opportunity to win!

Rewards: Last but definitely not least, the goods! A catalog full of good, better and great prizes that your employees will earn through their increased productivity and performance. The secret here? It only works if the rewards mean something to your team. 

Easy wins:

  • Don’t guess, send a survey to your team asking them what they want to see.
  • Get creative with the rewards, some of our most redeemed rewards are things like making our CEO do 10 pushups in an all-hands, or being able to sleep in on a Monday—some things are priceless!

Remember, activity drives more activity. We make people want to be more productive. And as a salesperson, I'm going to think, “Finally! People are going to see what I do!” And a person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

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