Sales Monitoring System

Are you looking for a sales monitoring system to track the performance of your sales team? SalesScreen is the best tool for the job.

Sales Monitoring System

Our software has been used by numerous teams since its launch in 2014 to boost performance and to keep track of KPIs and important data in real time.

Use our sales monitoring system to measure and reward performance

A sales monitoring system is crucial to any business. It will help you as a manager to keep track of your team's achievements and progress. The SalesScreen dashboard keeps track of these metrics in real time. It enables you to create thorough reports and integrate your CRM. Our sales monitoring system even offers a leaderboard to show you the highest performing employees. Do you want to increase transparency regarding staff achievements? Connect SalesScreen to your company TV and congratulate your sales reps on closing a deal or reaching a milestone.

Boost team motivation with our gamification application

A good sales monitoring system does more than just keep track of sales targets. It should also encourage your sales team and make employees excited about going to work every day. That is exactly what SalesScreen does. Managers use our software to boost sales and motivation through gamification of tasks. Employees can earn recognition, badges and even rewards by completing everyday tasks and reaching certain goals. These can be business goals, team goals or even individual goals. You can even have your team engage another in a battle to win fame. This is a great way to encourage friendly competition and form close bonds between colleagues. Request a demo and see how our sales monitoring system can help your company.

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