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An excellent sales support software offers many advantages to companies, team leaders and sales reps.

Rudy Van Duijvenvoorde

Regional Director Netherlands - January 3, 2019

Since its launch in 2014, the SalesScreen web application has helped many teams to keep track of their targets and to increase motivation. Our software even helps companies strengthen their business culture.

Keep track of your data with sales support software

A good sales support software gathers all relevant sales data in one place where it is accessible to all necessary parties. SalesScreen developed its dashboard for this purpose. On the company feed all team members can see recent activity. However, the dashboard also shows you relevant metrics and data and tracks their progress in real time. The SalesScreen sales support software also enables to add reports or to integrate your CRM. SalesScreen is available for both desktops and mobiles. This way your sales reps can keep track of their goals while traveling.

Encourage friendly sales competition

Our sales support software does more than just track sales and other metrics. SalesScreen encourages your employees to boost their sales. By nature, most sales reps are competitive. Our software encourages this through gamification. We allow sales teams and individuals to compete in battles to reach targets. With this sales support software, employees earn badges and rewards as well as recognition for their efforts.

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