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SalesScreen Integrates with Headshed Cube

PRESS RELEASE: Norwegian software companies combine powerful sales tools to enhance the sales experience

By integrating, these apps will help customers understand data, optimize campaigns in real-time, increase productivity, and drive engagement on key goals.

Trondheim, Norway, Jan. 16, 2017 — SalesScreen and Headshed today announced that they have launched an integration between their sales management systems, allowing users to drive data-driven transparency and performance in a whole new way. SalesScreen is a sales motivation platform that allows sales leaders to enable, engage and incentivize better performance by making data entry more fun and rewarding. Headshed Cube is a data driven sales management tool for call centres and sales departments that allows for real-time analysis and quick action on campaigns and individual performance.

The integration allows managers to leverage the power of enhanced reporting, data management, real-time sales contests, leaderboards and a plethora of other features to boost reporting, activity and performance.

For more information on integration requirements, visit here.

SalesScreen Key Features

SalesScreen displays performance data in real-time on TV screens, web or mobile apps, and provides updates and instant notifications when goals are achieved. By focusing on the factors that lead to motivation, such as recognition, rewards, and awareness on goals, SalesScreen helps companies drive performance and build great culture.

With a wide variety of ways to run sales contests, celebrate milestones, reward progress and recognize achievements, SalesScreen stands out in its ability to help sales leaders motivate their teams to accomplish key tasks. By integrating with Headshed Cube, SalesScreen will help more sales organizations focus on data, increase productivity, and drive engagement.

Headshed Cube Key Features

Headshed Cube is a highly flexible and easy-to-use tool for performance monitoring, list management, campaign analysis and segmentation for call centres and sales departments. Real-time analysis of ongoing sales activities allows users to spend time and resources on the right customers at the right time, reducing costs and increasing hit rates.

No installations are necessary and Headshed Cube is fully equipped with sales tools, including click-to-call dialer, messaging and a host of CRM and app integrations. Integrating Headshed Cube with SalesScreen combines the fun and motivational effects of gamification with the structure and efficiency of intelligent data management.

Comments on the News

  • “By combining SalesScreen with Headshed Cube, we are able to provide contact center customers with an entire toolkit to boost productivity, engagement and performance. Our goal is to give sales leaders around the world the ability to properly recognize, reward and celebrate their salespeople when they achieve the goals set for them. Through this integration, we can extend that service to call centers who are truly focused on data driven performance.” — Sindre Haaland, CEO at Dogu AS
  • “We’re very excited to add SalesScreen to our list of integrations. Allowing Headshed Cube users to gain control and make the most of their customer and response data in real-time is a key success factor for our customers. The SalesScreen integration provides a whole new toolkit for motivating, engaging and driving sales teams onward to productive glory. It’s a winning combination.” — Magnus Hoem Slørdal, CEO at Headshed AS

About SalesScreen

SalesScreen is sales enablement platform, created by Dogu AS and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. The software helps sales organizations around the world to track progress on KPIs, reward completion of key activities and surpass their sales goals by combining data with gamification. As a result, customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals and increased activity on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success.

About Headshed Cube

Headshed Cube is a data-driven sales management tool for call centres and sales departments. Developed by Headshed AS in Trondheim, Norway, the solution analyses and structures CRM data for outbound campaigns, allowing for real-time analysis, segmentation and distribution of data. Sales managers using Headshed enjoy real-time performance monitoring of campaigns and individuals, automated analysis and real-time segmentation — sales agents are provided with the right customers at the right time in a comprehensive sales tool. The software lets you find out what works, and lets you do more of it.

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