Say Hello to LiveScreen 2.0

Today, we are all so proud to announce that after months of hard work, a brand new LiveScreen 2.0 is officially launching.

Say Hello to LiveScreen 2.0

Allow me to flashback to April 2013. It was a Saturday and I had been invited for an informal interview with Sindre Haaland and Marius Ekerholt at Dogu’s Office to discuss a possible opening. I could feel the energy of the place the minute I stepped in and greeted the team. A few minutes later I was sitting in the meeting room with cup of warm coffee ready to hear all about this promising company.

Very quickly the presentation turned into a demo of a new product they had very recently announced: LiveScreen. I remember being just blown away by how magic this product looked at first sight. The concept was brilliant in its simplicity, the implementation really promising but most importantly the space for improvements was huge.

It was almost one year and half ago and what I saw on that day was the very first version of LiveScreen. Along the way, many features have been implemented, many bugs fixed, but all of these were built on the same foundations laid out back in early 2013. Many ideas had germinated in our minds over time but could not realistically be implemented on the same old system. So it was time for us to start over, to go back to the drawing board, take a blank sheet of paper and rethink LiveScreen anew. It was time for LiveScreen 2.0.

Today, we are all so proud to announce that after months of hard work, a brand new LiveScreen 2.0 is officially launching.


The first thing you will notice when you log in to LiveScreen 2.0 is its stunning new design, result of the amazing work of our rockstar principal designer Alice Holm. The adjusted color palette and the revamped layout combined with some of LiveScreen essential visual elements result in what is very likely the best Graphical Interface we have ever made at Dogu. Say Hello to LiveScreen 2.0


With not less than 4 ground-breaking features, LiveScreen 2.0 is set to become the most powerful yet easiest infoscreen solution on the market. Say Hello to LiveScreen 2.0


The new LiveScreen’s playlist functionality makes infoscreen finally scalable for large organizations. Bundle slides together into a playlist which can be assigned to as many screens as you want with just one click!


Your screens will be visible 24/7 but your audience is very likely to change throughout the day. To address your viewers in the best possible way, you may want your screens to show different content at night, early in the morning and during the day. LiveScreen 2.0 lets you schedule your content for timeframes of your choice.

User Groups

LiveScreen 2.0 has a powerful yet super easy access control mechanism built in to accommodate all your access management needs. Create a group, assign screens and users to it, that’s it! These users will only be allowed to update screens within their group. You as company owner however keep visibility and access across all your groups.


We have had video available as a Beta feature for quite a long time. But it’s well worth the wait. We strongly believe that our new video support in LiveScreen 2.0 is best ever made for digital signage. Drag & drop your video into your library and we automatically take care of converting it into the right format. Assign a video slide to a screen and Dogu Connect seamlessly downloads the video locally so you’ll always experience a smooth playback without any buffering.


We have rethought LiveScreen from the ground up and improving the infrastructure underlying our web application was a key aspect of it. We could tell you that LiveScreen now runs on multiple load balanced instances all kept in perfect synchronisation through a shared service bus, but that may not be very interesting. However you may be interested to know that the new LiveScreen will come with an upgraded uptime guarantee of 99.5%.

On the operational side, you’ll also be glad to hear that our support chat will be available straight in LiveScreen’s web dashboard making it possible to reach one of our engineers in seconds during office hours.

Roll out plan

For the time being, LiveScreen and LiveScreen 2.0 will coexist as two independent systems.

“I am an existing customer of LiveScreen. What does it mean for me?”

It means that as you read this blog post nothing has happened to your account. You are still using our regular LiveScreen. We will contact you in the near future to offer you to migrate over to LiveScreen 2.0. If you are willing to migrate as soon as possible drop us an email and we will take note of your wish.

“I am not a LiveScreen customer as of today but your blog post was utterly convincing and I’d like to try it. What does it mean for me?”

Every new customers from today will be given access to LiveScreen 2.0. If you are interested by LiveScreen, go to our brand new website to read more or contact us.

I would like to conclude this announcement to congratulate everyone at Dogu for the amazing work that they have put into LiveScreen 2.0. A special bravo goes to our Leader LiveScreen, Johannes Markeng, who remained focused throughout this all daunting project.

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