The Evolution of Sales Performance Management

It’s impossible to get ahead when every single task requires direct interaction. That’s why airlines let you check yourself in and ATMs let you withdraw cash without needing to stand in a queue for a teller. Sales management is also headed in that direction.

The Evolution of Sales Performance Management

Sales Management and Recognition

While recognition and praise are essential tasks for sales managers, they often get overlooked, leaving sales reps feeling unappreciated. So, SalesScreen is here to help. As an all-in-one sales management and enablement platform, SalesScreen provides instant recognition, real-time feedback and live updates on the completion of key sales activities.

Our goal isn’t to have sales managers stop placing emphasis on recognition but rather to make it easier, more timely and more manageable. With all of the budgeting, reporting, analysis, follow-up, strategizing, brand promotion, relationship building, coaching, and so on… we want to make sure that your reps are receiving the recognition and praise they deserve. We’ll help keep them engaged and motivated even if you’ve got and endless list of tasks to juggle.

Recognition and Motivation, Made Easy

We’ve taken all of the manual tasks that sales managers need to do in order to motivate their reps and we’ve automated it so that high achievement never goes overlooked again. You’ll receive push notifications on your mobile phone and live celebrations on TV screens with information about the activity completed. For special celebrations, there’ll be milestone event celebrations such as champagne bottles popping and badges awarded.

But that doesn’t mean that managers don’t have to participate. When your sales reps unlock an achievement, complete an activity or break a new sales record, the whole office will get notified, allowing you to come together and celebrate! The purpose of this software is not to eliminate personal recognition and celebrations, but rather to make them more effective and more often. We’ve basically replaced the old sales bell and whiteboard with a whole toolbox of events, celebrations, awards, sales contests, rank levels and more!

SalesScreen on the Web

The Evolution of Sales Performance Management

On the web, your sales reps can check all of their sales data, collaborate in our social feed, view leaderboards, send 1-on-1 battle invites, view account history, compare their stats with other sales reps, view their unlocked awards, get an overview of sales team performance and much more. Plus, managers have everything they need to instantly run real-time sales contests, celebrate milestones, award XP, congratulate their reps and build an incredible high-performing company culture.

Think of it as a digital sales management toolbox with everything you need to boost motivation, drive engagement, and control your entire sales management process right from your laptop. What would a tool like this mean for your time management and organization needs?

SalesScreen on TV

The Evolution of Sales Performance Management

We’ve brought sales motivation to the next level by giving your organization hundreds of unique slides to display data, run sales competitions, celebrate achievements, and celebrate the big wins together! Nothing builds cohesion like celebrating together.

Ringing a sales gong is great… but how many offices can you hear a sales gong in? One. How many offices can hear and see SalesScreen in? All of them. From New York to Oslo and San Francisco to Tokyo, it doesn’t matter where your offices are located, everyone will hear your personalized music upload and see your photo and sale details… or, you can choose which offices the celebrations will play in if you prefer. The bottom line is that bringing teams together just got easier and much more fun.

SalesScreen on Mobile App

The Evolution of Sales Performance Management

Some salespeople are constantly on the go, trying to drag all of their data with them and having to spend precious time reviewing updates when they finally get a moment free. Instead, we’ve put everything you need right at your fingertips (or, ummm… thumb tips?). You’ll get push notifications of sales activity so that you’ll never be left guessing what’s going on back at the office. You’ll also be able to record sales information directly. You can even like and comment on sales updates in the social feed.

Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, our mobile app will put all the power of SalesScreen in your pocket. How many sales managers can say they can view KPIs, receive updates, track metrics, measure performance, send messages to sales reps, control TV screens, and manage all of their sales data just from one app? Not too many, and we’d like to help keep you in the lead.

The bottom line is that sales performance management has evolved and we’re leading the way. Those outdated sales bells, whiteboards and spreadsheets simply aren’t going to cut it anymore. As you step into a future where more than half of your workforce will soon be data-driven millennials who have grown up with technology and tools at their fingertips, you’re going to need to adapt… or try and play the catch-up game with turnover and disengagement. We’re here to help.

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