The Struggle is Real: How to Maintain Momentum During Q4

Q4 is right around the corner, along with the “fourth-quarter blues”. Rather than lament about missing targets, here are some tips to motivate employees and inspire a great last quarter.

The Struggle is Real: How to Maintain Momentum During Q4

The end of the year is often accompanied by increased levels of stress and the added pressures of finishing the quarter on a high note, additionally, Q4 is notorious for employees feeling less motivated and apathetic. So, we wanted to share some tips for motivating your employees and encouraging a successful quarter.

Start planning early

With the upcoming holidays and the distractions of parties, socialization, and time off, Q4 often allows for less time to meet end-of-year goals and produce high-quality work. Make sure to start setting goals early in the quarter and outline how you plan to get there so that everyone is sure to be on the same page. Consider introducing a countdown to hold employees accountable and ensure that they are aware of when tasks should ideally be completed.

Set realistic goals

When setting goals for Q4, it’s great to dream big, but it can be better to set realistic goals that are attainable for your company and employees. Look back at the initial company goals set in Q1 and see how far along you are and what can be done to make a final push for meeting those goals. Consider setting Q4-specific goals that refocus employees on the current tasks at hand. They should be relevant and challenging but not so daunting that they discourage employees and cause them to give up.

Touch base

Maintaining open communication among employees and management is greatly important to a company’s overall success. Going into Q4, it is more important than ever to ensure that everyone is on the same page companywide since it is the final stretch to achieving year-long goals.
This makes it extremely important to communicate openly with your employees about fourth-quarter goals and what is expected of everyone to meet those goals. If possible, meet one-on-one with employees to discuss any questions or concerns. If you are not able to meet individually with everyone, make sure that employees are aware that they can come to management at any time to touch base about Q4 tasks and goals.

Give bonus incentives

Offering incentives for good performance is particularly fitting during the holiday season and can give employees that extra boost of motivation. Consider rewards such as extra PTO days for the upcoming year or a weekend getaway. Employee incentives are great year-round, but introducing new, attractive ones at the start of Q4 can help to reignite excitement and encourage employees to stay on track and motivated.

Recognize good performance and celebrate success

Employee recognition is important year-round, but it does not hurt to give some extra recognition to boost motivation and engagement during Q4. In fact, a study by Aon Hewitt revealed that not feeling appreciated is the main reason many Americans chose to leave their workplace. In addition, 65% of people reported not receiving any recognition for good performance. Of course, once everyone has worked hard, all Q4 long, and goals are reached, don’t forget to celebrate!

Ramp up the competition

As the old saying goes, “I’m willing to work as hard as the guy next to me unless we’re competing… then it’s on like Donkey Kong”. Everyone is competitive in the workplace; the trick is finding a way to make competitions fun and useful. Our suggestion? Try gamification. Research shows that gamification increases motivation and overall performance by providing real-time feedback and making it exciting and engaging to chase clearly defined goals. With SalesScreen, you can easily introduce gamification into your office and create unique, themed sales competitions for any team size or structure.

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