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Why SalesScreen is an Effective Sales Management Tool for Insurance

Why SalesScreen is an Effective Sales Management Tool for Insurance

Disengaged insurance sales teams present a big challenge to meeting your sales targets. But what if you leveraged insurance gamification software like SalesScreen to get your team to goal? In this article, we touch on some of the key features that make insurance gamification software an ideal sales management tool.

In our previous blog, we addressed how gamification is influencing the insurance industry and how 4 common insurance pain points can be solved with sales motivation software. In this blog, we wanted to provide a bit more insight into insurance gamification software (and SalesScreen specifically!) and how it can help your insurance organization exceed your sales goals. We’ll dig a little deeper into some of the key features of gamification software and how they can be leveraged to get your team to goal.

We’ll explain briefly why data is key and how to get the most out of real-time insights. We’ll explain how we help you celebrate key milestones. We’ll discuss why digital leaderboards, fed by real-time data, are outpacing traditional whiteboards and driving better performance. And we’ll explain how we use specialized sales contests to ensure that you’re driving activity on the goals that matter most, while at the same time keeping them fun by implementing randomness and chance.

Data Visualization

In order for data to be valuable, it needs to be easy to visualize and understand for everyone. You need to be able to draw connections between your operations and the results of that work to fully understand how to better your organization. If you are using outdated resources, it will be nearly impossible to do this due to the nature of today’s fast-paced information stream. To be successful, you need to see live information to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Data visualization allows you to make necessary adjustments quickly because you can see how your active operations drive change rather than waiting on the reports to come in. Insurance gamification software allows you to combine that real-time data with insight to precisely understand WHY sales are lagging — for example, maybe another insurance company started running a big promotion or your sales reps are spending too much time trying to turn a “no” into a “yes”, and you may want to design a strategy to tackle these new challenges as quickly as possible.

In SalesScreen, you can create dashboards of your most important data, stream KPI information to TVs, use leaderboards to show top performers and always ensure you and your team are staying updated with push notifications via the SalesScreen app. The more you can make your data intuitive and transparent, the easier it is for your teams to achieve their targets.


“Recognition increases employee engagement, productivity, and performance by 14%.” — Apollo Technical

When everyone is busy at work, achievements that deserve a celebration can easily be overlooked, leaving employees feeling unappreciated and disengaged. Insurance gamification software can help solve this pain point with pop-ups on TV screens as a fun way to recognize accomplishments and celebrate milestones together.

With SalesScreen, celebrations (along with a personal soundtrack) are broadcast in real-time on TV screens across your offices, allowing the whole team to work as one–and people to be properly acknowledged for a job well done. The customization aspect of SalesScreen celebrations makes it more than just a standard recognition program and adds priceless value for employees. (The SalesScreen office is personally a fan of a good old-fashioned Rickroll.)

In addition, you can pop champagne, land a rocket on the moon or cash out on the slot machine to virtually celebrate your biggest wins on SalesScreen. While all of your sales reports will show on TV, some deserve a little extra recognition. Milestone Event celebrations are SalesScreen’s way of providing extra congratulations for the completion of key sales tasks. In addition, they come with customizable badges that will be added to user profiles, letting everyone earn bragging rights and show off their collection.

For some added fun, you can even celebrate with a YouTube video of your choice. Check out our Sales Gamification resources for some inspiration.


There's a good reason why you see leaderboards in everything from sports to education to business–they’re fun, easy to interpret information from and they inspire higher performance.

People are naturally competitive, so seeing where they rank in comparison to their co-workers and peers is an effective motivational tool to inspire personal and professional improvement. And with unmotivated agents being one of the major pain points in the insurance industry, leaderboards are a fitting solution solved by insurance gamification software.


  • Greater motivation
  • Increased transparency
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Better grasp on key metrics

SalesScreen lets you decide how you want to visualize your data and what leaderboards to highlight on dashboards and screens. For example, maybe you want a leaderboard showing top sales for your agents and another showing the best performing team. Depending on what’s most important to your organization, you can adjust leaderboards and visualization accordingly.

We put our own unique twist on leaderboards and let you display what you want, how you want with a nearly endless list of slides and customizations to choose from.


Running competitions with insurance gamification software is a fun way to increase activity, performance and ultimately profits. It’s a great way to give incentives and make daily work tasks more exciting and engaging for agents. And you don’t have to have huge prizes in order to motivate your salespeople; they simply enjoy the thrill of the chase and the recognition from performing. Individual competitions are a great way to drive behavior towards a desired goal and team competitions are a great way to boost collaboration, coaching and team spirit.

SalesScreen offers a variety of customizable competition templates that are sure to keep things interesting for your team . When creating a new competition, here are some best practices to follow.

Best Practices

  • Track a variety of metrics
  • Offer different prizes
  • Run individual and team competitions
  • Themes!
  • Get employee feedback

In addition to competitions, in SalesScreen you can challenge your colleagues 1-on-1 with battle mode. You can choose the type of activity that you want to compete on, which product (or all), set a goal and quickly send the invite on both web and our app. Raise the stakes as much as you want and see who buys lunch or beer on Friday.

How you use this fun social feature is completely up to you. But be warned, when the competition ends, the winner and loser will be broadcast on TV’s all across your offices (if you choose)!

The sales team over at Blink Payments get really into a Gift Swap competition on SalesScreen.
The sales team over at Blink Payments get really into a Gift Swap competition on SalesScreen.

Get your team to goal with SalesScreen

Insurance gamification software, such as SalesScreen, is a powerful sales tool to help you drive performance on key metrics. We want to help you build stronger culture, happier teams and more productive workplaces. Gamification is a brilliant way to make dull and boring everyday tasks, such as data entry or cold calling, a whole lot more fun. As a result, you’ll have more motivated employees, lower turnover, more celebrations and happier customers.

Take a look at how our client Rob Erfurt at Acrisure was able to motivate his insurance sales teams to achieve 45% year-over-year growth in new revenue with SalesScreen.

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