When they compete, the whole company wins.

Supercharge your sales team’s natural competitive instinct with SalesScreen’s proven motivation and competition solutions that will boost results against any goal.

Create competitions easily.

With SalesScreen, you can create and launch competitions in minutes with just a few clicks. And our end-to-end automation of your manual contests means your sales managers aren’t wasting valuable time. Results are viewable by everyone in real-time, with automatic tablature of winners and delivery of prizes, from digital coins to gift cards and other desired rewards.

Get them in the game.

Like most competitions, team members pretty much know who the favorites are to win, so they may not be as inspired to compete as hard. Adapting some of the winning game formats from NASCAR, Poker Tournaments, and Formula One, we’ve devised a way of inspiring the middle 60 percent of performers, by introducing the element of chance into the equation. Now engage everyone to strengthen overall performance.

Go head-to-head.

Instead of competitions coming from the top, individual sales reps can now take on each other and create head-to-head competitions. They create the goals. They create the terms. The whole company gets the rewards.

Teams that are in the game right now.


We have been using SalesScreen since 2019…our salespeople are so addicted to winning sales competitions…our average sales inflow has increased over 20%…sales productivity and the employee engagement has significantly improved! Last but not least, SalesScreen people are so supportive and responsive!

Thanat Manunyapatr - VP Sales

See the kinds of results that matter.

See the kinds of results that matter.

We call it the WOW Effect! And you should feel it. Because it makes SalesScreen more than a sales gamification tool. Real results that you can see in our case studies that shouldn’t even be legal.

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