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Turn Your Low Performers Into Your Biggest Opportunity

Turn Your Low Performers Into Your Biggest Opportunity

The insurance industry is competitive and sales can be a repetitive slog - it’s the perfect recipe for burnout. Lower motivation leads to disengagement, reduced productivity, and then middle and low performers make up to 90% of your team. Unlock their true potential with gamification and tap into the psychological drivers that motivate every personality type.

Upgrade your Sales Team
Turn Your Low Performers Into Your Biggest Opportunity

Lower performers need to see the path to success

Missed targets are oftentimes caused by a disconnect between daily activities and broader outcomes. Bridge this gap and show the path to success by adopting bite-sized activities and recognize their completion. Transparency into daily and weekly activity achievements will motivate your team towards achieving their larger goals.

An engaged team is a winning team

The same 10% of performers generally top the leaderboards over and over - that leaves the vast majority of your team feeling left out and disengaged.

Creating a culture of healthy competition will engage all performers and give everyone a chance to win. When running regular competitions, low and middle performers increase their KPI activity levels by as much as 107%.

Visualize your team success

Organize your team’s activity data according to the KPIs you prize so you can see who deserves kudos – and who needs support, all at a glance. Your team wants to win for themselves and for the company. Give each player the tools they need to be self reliant, accountable, and driven.

Build team spirit

People love feeling encouraged and recognized when they put in great work. Encourage players to talk up their teammates with endorsements. These public thank you’s help incentivize your team to continue to put in the work that matters most.

Gamification works for everyone

Gamification is built on the foundation of proven psychological drivers that activate every personality type. At SalesScreen, we take the guesswork out of motivating your entire team by tapping into these drivers with achievements, competitions, and coaching software, all backed by rewards that actively drive them forward. The best part about gamification is that it actively incentivizes and engages everyone across your entire team. From your newest hire to your most seasoned rep, gamification generates more sales.

Our customers say it best

The true test of any great software is what their current customers have to say about them. With a massive 4.8 out of 5 stars on G2, our customers can’t get enough!

Don’t Settle for Second Best

We are the sales gamification leaders for a reason. When asked, our users rated us a 4.8 out of 5 on motivating them and making them more productive at work. The industry also has named us best at building relationships, implementation and awarded us leader status for 8 straight quarters. You are going to love working with SalesScreen.

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