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Employee rewards programs are an important way to let your staff know that you appreciate all their hard work. Choosing meaningful gifts will show them that you are interested in their passions and that you care enough to choose rewards that are personal to them. Additionally, when the rewards are actually appealing to their specific interests, they will be that much more motivated to strive for them by exceeding their targets.

Need some inspiration? Here are 41 refreshing ideas for summer rewards.


  • Fitbit

A Fitbit watch is a great way to reach health and fitness goals, which is often top of mind this time of year. To further encourage health and wellness in the office, try out a step challenge, with a new Fitbit or Fitbit accessory as a prize.

  • Dance lessons

Find a local venue that offers dance lessons and give your employee +1 a free lesson of their choice.

  • Outdoor lounge chairs

A relaxing addition to the yard for the hot summer months.

  • Grilling set

The grills are starting to come back out in preparation for warmer days, so a new grilling set is an ideal rewards option for any passionate “grill masters” in the office.

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