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Download this white paper to learn the importance of:

  • Giving focused, positive feedback to individual sellers
  • Coaching methods for mid-tier sellers
  • Instilling motivation - and even a little competition - in junior and senior sellers
  • Embracing the grind when the going gets tough

It’s Q4, fourth-and-goal. The company’s annual target is within reach, but your junior reps are struggling to overcome sales blockers, and your senior guys are cutting corners on process. If your all-star seller can land that big deal, you’ll hit your number. But do you really want to risk it all on a Hail Mary?

Right now, steady coaching is more important than ever. So, with the help of Hall of Fame coaches in soccer, American football, baseball and basketball, SalesScreen distilled four key tactics that will see you and your sales team through to the end of 2020 and beyond.