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Data-Driven Gamification [eBook]

SalesScreen is proud to announce the launch of our new eBook on Data-Driven gamification. In partnership with LeadDesk, we look at what data-driven gamification is, how it works and what results it can deliver for sales and customer service teams.

If you would like to learn more about data-driven gamification, what it is, how it works, why it’s useful and what results can be expected, then we invite you to download our FREE eBook at the link below. Gamification is an incredible tool and 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies already use gamified platforms to boost staff engagement, employee retention and revenue.

CHAPTER 1 — The science of data-driven gamification for sales and customer service

· The purpose and requirements of successful gamification

· Creating sustainable engagement

· Creating meaningful rewards

· Common challenges that gamification solves

· Using the right data for KPIs

· How to surpass your goals with effective gamification strategies

CHAPTER 2 — How to increase staff retention with data-driven gamification

· What causes employee churn

· How to keep top talent from leaving

. How data-driven gamification drives engagement

· Cost-effective ways to keep agents motivated

· How to provide a fully mobile engagement strategy

. Key elements to preventing burnout

CHAPTER 3 — How Data-Driven Gamification Can Boost Motivation and Performance

· The hard costs of disengagement

· What employee disengagement really means

· What it means to “stay motivated to surpass your goals”

· Employee engagement with gamification infographic

· How gamification increases motivation

· How to make daily objectives more fun

· How to sustain increased engagement

· Mechanics of proper gamification

CHAPTER 4 — Adapting Your Business for a Millennial Workforce

· Millennials’ expectations about rewards

· Millennial characteristics

· Motivating millennials to achieve business success

· Impacts of gamification on millennials

· “Feedback, friends and fun”

· Going beyond basic gamification

· Steps to millennial engagement and success

CHAPTER 5 — How to Successfully Adopt New Multichannel Contact Center Systems

· Pains of adopting multichannel systems

· Importance of finding the right tools

· Key challenges for contact centers

· Goals of multichannel

· What customers want

· How gamification rewards data entry and performance

Download your FREE copy of our Data-Driven Gamification eBook!

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