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SalesScreen is proud to announce the launch of our new eBook on Sales Leaderboards and Company Culture.

In this eBook we will explore how and why to use sales leaderboards, as well as the importance of company culture and ways that leaderboards influence it. Our goal is to help you further understand the ins and outs of leaderboards and discover how to successfully introduce them into your company–and in turn positively influence company culture.

CHAPTER 1 — Why leaderboards?

· Why should you use leaderboards in the workplace? What are the top 5 benefits?

CHAPTER 2 — What types are most effective?

· What types of leaderboards are most effective? Learn about 5 of our favorites and why we use them.

CHAPTER 3 — Best practices

· The 3 best practices for using sales leaderboards.

CHAPTER 4 — Why is company culture important?

· Why is company culture important? Read about 3 major reasons.

CHAPTER 5 — The influence of leaderboards

· How do leaderboards influence company culture? We explore 5 ways that leaderboards promote good company culture.

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