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Games set off powerful response triggers in your brain. Racking up points, defeating opponents, and unlocking new levels stimulate psychological pleasure sensors that motivate you to level up your performance.

That’s why businesses in every vertical are harnessing the power of “gamification,” the addition of game elements in other contexts. In this guide, we’ll explain just how gamification works and how you can use it to motivate and engage your sellers.

What's Inside:

  • 89% of employees say gamification makes them feel more productive.
  • How gamification taps into human psychology and inspires us to win.
  • Who is doing it right—and who has failed hard.
  • Why gamification is particularly suited for sales teams.
  • How you can build a competition custom-made for your players and their goals.
  • Gamification affects brain chemistry. Rewards light up our brains, flooding our senses with feel-good chemicals.