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We are proud to announce the launch of our new eBook on SalesScreen for Call Centers.

In this eBook we will explore some of the major challenges that call center managers and employees face today. Our goal is to give an overview of the 4 major challenges and illustrate how to solve them with gamification and sales leaderboards.

CHAPTER 1 — How Gamification is Influencing Call Centers

· How can gamification help to create better company culture? How do you improve employee morale and ensure that you are hitting key targets?

CHAPTER 2 — Solving Call Center Pain Points with Sales Gamification

· How can sales motivation software solve call center pain points? We discuss how it plays a key role.

CHAPTER 3 — Why SalesScreen Is an Effective Sales Management Tool for Call Centers

· A bit more insight into how our solution can help your organization exceed your sales goals.

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