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Our product sheet gives you a quick and easy look into how SalesScreen works to help increase activity on your most important targets.

This quick 7-page document explains what problems we solve for our customers, gives a quick look at key features, and shows how you can start seeing value from the moment you open up your SalesScreen account.

SalesScreen allows your teams to ask the question “do you see what I see?”, but unlike spreadsheets, SalesScreen provides real-time data that is simple to analyze, allowing you to drive performance on key targets.

With our interactive charts and graphs, you can:

✓ Quickly view your quota, forecasts, and sales progression

✓ Receive instant feedback and provide advice

✓ See detailed information on your KPIs

✓ Understand the results of your sales processes

✓ Clearly communicate your team’s performance

✓ Predict sales outcomes

✓ Discover how to increase revenues or reduce expenses

✓ Compare your results with other sales reps

✓ Get detailed information on your sales, offers, meetings, and activities

✓ Export and print your spreadsheets with a single click

✓ Customize your data to display exactly how you want it


✓ Sales rep recognition on TV screens with photo, music and sale details

✓ Tons of customizable slides to show your latest company updates

✓ Real-time individual and team sales competitions

✓ “Battle Mode” for 1-1 challenges

✓ Customizable milestone “Events” to celebrate outstanding performance.

✓ Leaderboards and Wall of Fame

✓ Hundreds of unique ranks and badges to unlock

✓ Send and receive instant updates on sales activity

✓ Access all of your data and KPIs

✓ Instantly congratulate other sales reps on a job well done

✓ Track company statistics and forecasts

✓ Review your company’s SalesScreen newsfeed

✓ View competitions and achievements

✓ Access your screens to update or show information

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