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Victoria Richards, Marketing Assistant

November 18, 2019

How to Hold Sales Reps Accountable

Searching for ways to improve accountability amongst your sales reps? We’ve got your back. Read up on some of our favorite tips.

How to Hold Sales Reps Accountable

A huge part of any successful sales team is accountability. This goes for failures and accomplishments. Holding your sales reps accountable for both will help to boost motivation and inspire action because they know there are consequences for poor performance and rewards for good performance.

So, what are some tactics for actually holding sales reps accountable? Check out our thoughts…

Set Clear Goals

It’s difficult to hold people responsible for things when they don’t have a clear understanding of their own goals. Establishing explicit, tangible targets gives your reps a more feasible path to goal attainment and makes it easier for managers to track if reps are performing.

Goals should also be visible to everyone daily to ensure that it’s never out of sight, out of mind. It also allows reps to have a better understanding of their performance, as well as that of their fellow reps. Some ways to improve goal visibility is through custom dashboards, TV screen slides and celebrations–it also helps to be available via a mobile app for busy sales reps that are always on-the-go.

Communicate Expectations

A Gallup study identified 12 key elements that best predict engagement and performance in the workplace. According to this Q12 Index, the first basic need is knowing what is expected of you at work–of which only half of employees reported that they do.

And of course, people need to know what is expected of them to take accountability for things in the first place. When expectations are explicitly stated, it is much easier to point to specific tasks or targets when they are not completed. This also empowers them to own up to past performance and take responsibility for their successes and their shortcomings.

Track Progress

Setting goals and communicating expectations go hand-in-hand with this point. To do either effectively, you need to track progress–this will help you set realistic, attainable goals and hold people accountable for the work that they are expected to do.

This also taps into the competitive nature of sales reps. Measuring and visualizing progress on targets will inspire your reps to perform and surpass their peers. There’s something about seeing a co-worker ahead of you on the leaderboard that really fuels the fire.

Make Performance Visible

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.”

Data visualization is important for accountability of reps and transparency within your teams. Making performance data readily available and visual helps to build a culture of trust. Your reps will know that there is nothing to hide and that they have no excuse to avoid responsibility for their performance–whether excellent or poor. It also helps motivate reps to stay on top–or strive to get there.

Give Regular Feedback

82% of employees really appreciate receiving feedback, regardless if it’s positive or negative.”

Having regular 1-on-1s is an important aspect of managing a successful sales team. It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable for providing frequent feedback to your reps and sets a good example for their behavior as well. Studies also show that 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to only 18% of employees with low engagement.”

How to Hold Sales Reps Accountable

Try SalesScreen

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Just Ask

A simple, yet often overlooked step. Just ask! Ask your reps what they are doing, how they are doing, if they need anything, etc.


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