We’re Hiring! Join Our Family.

Make your New Year’s resolution to join the fastest growing software company in Norway… check out these available positions.

We’re Hiring! Join Our Family.

The holidays are upon us, you’ve got some free time on your hands and you’re wondering how to make big changes for 2019, right? Well, we’ve got a brilliant idea for you. How about starting off the year by landing your DREAM JOB?

Sound bold? Sound exciting? Good… we like it that way and we promise to deliver if you’re the right candidate. But perhaps one thing you should know upfront: it’s not just a job, it’s a family. We view work… differently… to say the least.

We are a software company founded in 2011 by students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who decided to take the road less traveled and build their own company.

Since 2012, we achieved more than 185% year-on-year revenue growth. Today, SalesScreen has a team of 29 brave nerds working from 6 offices to build and operate amazing products. What started out as a few thousand dollars of personal savings has grown into a business with over $3 million in annual revenue.

So, what sets us apart and what makes us special?

Aside from our finesse at the most important of startup sports, such as foosball, pingpong and beer pong, we do a LOT of activities together. We have a monthly budget for team building, which can be used for anything from Friday lunches at a restaurant to GoKarts and Lazer Tag to buying a new BBQ grill or Playstation 4 to play. But it’s not the STUFF that’s important, it’s the PEOPLE. Every day, we talk about the importance of building great culture. We invest in our people, in a BIG way!

Professional development and growth is hugely important to us and we place a premium on face-to-face time and team building activities. We serve as groomsmen and bridesmaids in each other’s weddings, we enjoy hanging out together on the weekends, and we plan each other’s bachelor/bachelorette parties. As cliche’ as it may sound, we really are best friends… and at the end of the day, that commitment that we have to each other pours out in our passion for building great products.

We have a very horizontal leadership structure and do things not because we have to but because we want to. This company is 100% employee owned and we all care about the growth and success because we are invested in it… I’m not talking financially, I’m talking emotionally. We care about what we do and while one of our product mottos is “Never stop at “good enough” when you can be GREAT!”, we strive to go beyond great. We want to be known as entrepreneurs who dream big, plan well and dare to do the impossible.

Interested in becoming a part of the SalesScreen family? Check out these available positions…

Openings in Oslo, Norway

We’re Hiring! Join Our Family.

HR Manager -

Oslo, Norway (Trondheim, Norway as an alternative location option)

About: As a growing company with global offices, we need help in making sure we hire the right people and keep them happy. This is where you come in…

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Sales Engineer -

Oslo, Norway

About: Work as the glue between sales, developers and customer success in order to ensure that technical problems are addressed, customers are onboarded quickly, and product improvements are constantly being implemented.

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Customer Success Representative -

Oslo, Norway

About: Happy customers is our #1 goal. Customer success and proper onboarding are your key roles.

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Software Engineer -

Oslo, Norway

About: As part of our growing strategy we are looking to integrate SalesScreen with an ever growing list of 3rd party applications. This is where you will start your journey; researching APIs, communicating with potential customers and building kick-ass integrations.

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UX Designer -

Oslo, Norway

About: You will become a pivotal part of the Product team alongside our Principal Designer and our Software Engineers. You will actively participate in our bi-weekly product sprints through which new features, improvements or bug fixes are thought out, prototyped, implemented and shipped to our SalesScreen web and mobile applications.

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