Visualize Data

Visualize Data

Is your sales process truly data-driven?

  • Clearly define your goals
  • Easily measure progress on KPIs
  • Create transparency and awareness
  • Focus activity on what matters most

Accelerate Sales

Accelerate Sales

Are you creating a great sales culture?

  • Run sales contests in real-time
  • Unlock badges and rank levels
  • Display leaderboards across offices
  • Communicate performance!

Surpass Goals

Surpass Goals

Never stop at "good" when you can be "GREAT"!

  • Maintain successful momentum
  • Celebrate wins across offices
  • Boost CRM user adoption
  • Create cohesion and unity

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Measure Performance
Understand your metrics

Measuring performance on key metrics is a critical part of the sales process. Salespeople who understand their real-time progress on targets are much more likely to reach them.

Each SalesScreen account is individually tailored to ensure that the engagement and motivation tools are aligned with key targets. The end-result is a sales enablement process that is clear and intuitive.

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Sales tool for sales data visualization, by SalesScreen

Recognize & Reward
Motivate your sales teams

Providing real-time recognition, encouragement and motivation is one of the most important jobs of the modern sales leader.

Whether it's through sales contests, announcements or other means, celebrating success together builds company culture and improves performance. 

SalesScreen provides an entire digital toolbox that allows sales leaders to engage and motivate their teams by recognizing and rewarding sales activity. 

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SalesScreen is a sales motivation software for everyone!
SalesScreen rewards performance for achieving business goals.

Create Strong Culture
Accelerate growth!

Data + motivation = sales acceleration! Sales should never be about simply reaching a goal, it should be about being motivated to surpass goals! 

Sales reps can quickly see and understand their quota, receive customizable targets to achieve, and then participate in fun sales contests.

SalesScreen gives you all the tools you need to build a winning sales team. Let our unique gamification platform unlock the potential in your sales reps. 

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Integrate Your CRM
Increase user adoption

Do you struggle with getting your employees to record data into your system?

Let's face it... data is gold, but reporting is boring. 

Try giving your employees motivation and incentive to add reports by running competitions, leaderboards, live celebrations on TV and more!

Integrate SalesScreen with your existing CRM, dialer or other management software to instantly provide awareness, transparency and recognition for the completion of key tasks.

Simply choose one of our already existing integrations or use our API to quickly create your own integration. 

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SalesScreen integrations

The Art of Sales
Fresh sales content

Our mission is to help build great sales organizations all around the world by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding.

We believe that great culture is the key to driving great performance. 

So, we have created "The Art of Sales", which includes our blog, newsletter and sales library... all designed to give you fresh ideas, content and motivation to build great sales teams. 

If you'd like to receive regular updates, tips and information, simply subscribe or download one of our resources. 

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SalesScreen Sales Vault
SalesScreen pricing

Pricing Options
Solutions for every need

We're confident that SalesScreen will be an invaluable tool for your sales force. 

To start seeing immediate ROI, simply request a demo and our sales reps will walk you through everything you need to know, step-by-step. 

Our pricing options are designed to serve teams of all sizes and you only need to purchase licenses for the salespeople who will be using SalesScreen. 

Engage, enable, and incentivize your teams to surpass their goals!

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We are
we build and operate SalesScreen


SalesScreen is a sales motivation software, created by Dogu and headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. The software helps sales organizations around the world to track progress on KPIs, reward completion of key activities and surpass their sales goals. As a result, customers experience stronger sales culture, lower turnover, better awareness on goals and increased activity on the metrics that matter most to revenue growth and success.


Our mission is to help build great sales organizations all around the world by making sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding.

We believe that great culture is the key to driving great performance and that recognition and celebrations build great culture. So, we have created an entire sales management toolbox that allows you to recognize achievements, run sales contests, measure performance, track improvements and focus on what matters most.

It’s similar to the sales bell and whiteboard, but adapted for the 21st century, allowing you to celebrate in real-time, across offices and integrate with your favorite software systems to make data entry more fun.


A world where data-driven decisions allow leaders to drive performance on clear objectives and to reward excellent performance, thus building cohesion, teamwork and great company culture.


Great customer relationships, transparent data, instant and actionable feedback, awareness on objectives, social collaboration, friendly competition, cohesion, teamwork and never stopping at “good enough” when you can be “GREAT!”